Condominium Association Management

  • Condominium Registration
  • Preperation of Memorandum of Association
  • Collection of Funds
  • Handling of Accounts
  • Preparation and submission of accounts
  • Association Meetings
  • Appointment of Cleaning services
  • Appointment of Maintenance People
  • Appointment of Lift Services people
  • Inspections of the common areas
  • Attendence at AGM’s
  • Preperation and submission of Meeting Minutes
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Payments of Condominium related expenditure
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the common areas

Rental Management

  • Collection of rent
  • Appointment of Maintenance personnel
  • Liasion between tennant and owner
  • Handling of Accounts
  • Rent payment to owners
  • Representing owners in association related matters
  • Appointment of cleaning personnel
  • Regular inspections

Commercial Property Management

  • Collection of rent
  • Appointment of Maintenance personnel
  • Liasion between tennant and owner
  • Handling of Accounts
  • Rent payment to owners
  • Facilitate required permits
  • Liasion with professional services personnel
  • Liasion with related authorities
  • Ensure the place is running in line with rental agreement.

PMI Smart Malta is a firm formed between professionals coming from same backgrounds, however with a combined experience in the property industry. They gained knowledge in different sectors of the real estate, particularly where it comes to property investment as well as the construction phases of the property.

The professionals within PMI Smart Malta have years of experience within the property industry. Having been involved in different sectors of the property business, the professionals gained vast knowledge in the industry and today the team can promote itself as being leaders in the industry.

The managing partner of PMI Smart Malta has been involved in the property industry for over 20 years. Besides managing a real estate agency, he has also been involve din consultancy services and risk management, assisting local property contractors where it comes to investment and risk management consultancy related to construction sites. He has also been a developer himself. He has completed his studies in risk management and marketing up to a degree level. He has vast experience in contract wording and business management. Following the latest market shift to rental investments, the managing partner have also assisted clients into purchasing property for rental investment purposes.

Together, the team of PMI Smart Malta can offer customers a vast range of services on a professional basis based on both marketing knowledge combined with years of experience.

PMI Smart Malta are aware that the return on investment and/or residency satisfaction one would get out of purchasing property depends on the ability to keep the property in a good state as well as having a harmonised neighbourhood.

PMI Smart Malta offers its clients the peace of mind one would require. Whether you are the home owner, a rental investor or a developer, the team will offer you the utmost professional Management service. PMI Smart Malta also ensures that every engagement is considers unique and emphasizes that the relationship between the property manager and the client is one of mutual benefit and on a long term basis..